Turn free trialists into paying customers

Learn the six-step formula for creating an automated and effective SaaS trial

What's inside?

6 steps to building a SaaS trial that leads to increased activation rates, higher product engagement, and word of mouth growth:

Pinpoint Key User Behaviors

Successful users tend to complete key behaviors that lead to becoming a paid customer. Which qualifying events should you look for?

Define Your Trial Conversion Goals

What are you trying to accomplish with your SaaS trial, and how will you know that you nailed it? Learn three critical metrics you need to track.

Map Out Your Activation Nudges

Well-timed nudges help users overcome hurdles, make decisions, and move closer to buying. Know what to send, when, and why.







Build Your SaaS Trial Journey

Write Emails & In-App Messages

Measure Your SaaS Trial & Iterate

Choose from the three most common types of SaaS trial experiences to get started fast. Determine how to target, time, and personalize your messaging.

With real-life examples as your guide, discover how to create top-notch content for every message in your SaaS trial journey.

Metrics reveal if your trial is actually working or not. Get visibility into key performance indicators to continually improve.

“Contrary to popular myth, your SaaS trial actually does cost your business money. I’ve seen too many startups get it wrong, and rack up costs needlessly while under-converting. This is the guide I wish I'd given them."

Susan Su - Head of Marketing at Reforge

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