This webinar was held on

Thursday, August 4th @ 11:00AM PST

How Instapage Drove $30K in Revenue In Less Than 2 Months By Nurturing Stale Leads

We all have stale contacts in our database - names we collected at some point along the way, but who haven’t engaged or opened an email in months. Some recommend purging your database of cold contacts, but Instapage wasn’t ready to give up on these individuals just yet. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Instapage nurtured cold leads to convert new customers at 6x their typical rate, generating $30K in ARR in only two months
  • Strategies to segment the right contacts, select the right content and build the right landing pages for your own reactivation journey
  • Valuable insights around how Instapage increases email engagement and maximizes lead conversion by nurturing every customer throughout their lifecycle

Guy Marion

CMO & Growth, Autopilot

Stefano Mazzalai

Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, Instapage

Brandon Weaver

Content Marketing Manager, Instapage

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