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Create text-based emails, upload HTML, use a template, or design your own

Fully customize your emails with simple drag and drop editing

Insert easy-to-use elements like images, call-to-action buttons, social media links, and text

Craft personalized messages with merge tags such as first name or company to boost engagement

Preview and test before you send

See exactly what your responsive emails will look like by previewing them on desktop and mobile. Send yourself a test with personalization variables filled with a random contact or a contact of your choosing. 

Automate your emails at exactly the right time

Trigger emails based on behaviors and interests, like when a website visitor submits a demo request form or abandons your shopping cart without making a purchase. Or automate emails at a specific time like newsletters and product announcements. 

Connect email to the rest of your marketing

Create automated journeys that not only send emails but take other actions like assigning a lead in Salesforce, changing a lead score, adding to a Facebook Custom Audience, or sending your team a Slack notification. 

A/B test your emails and get detailed reports on opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and conversions. Easily optimize and update based on real-time results.

Split test and track your performance

“We increased email engagement by 360% with Autopilot.”

Jacob Firuta

Marketing at LiveChat

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