What makes a high performing marketer?

Discover where today’s top marketers are investing, winning, and failing

In this report…

You’ll discover findings from Autopilot’s second annual 

State of Customer Journey Marketing survey of 505 marketers, including:

The Rise of the Online Customer Journey

Mapping the customer journey is driving better acquisition, satisfaction, and retention across all industries. No wonder high performers start here.

What High Performing Marketers Prioritize

High performing marketers grow revenue 58% faster than everyone else, and attain more than 80% of their marketing goals. Learn why.

Trends, Challenges, and Predictions for 2017

Personalization is still in its infancy, marketing automation is at a tipping point, and predictive analytics is about to take off. What else is next?

Customer journey initiatives drive results

71 percent of high performers have defined an initiative to map the customer journey. This means marketers are becoming more sophisticated in their sales funnel strategy, as opposed to simply focusing on acquisition, and it’s working.

About the Author

Guy Marion, Ph.D.

Guy spearheads Autopilot’s go-to-market strategy, growth, and operations. Prior to Autopilot, Guy worked as Head of Online Sales at Zendesk, VP & General Manager of CollabNet, and CEO of Codesion (acq. by CollabNet). Guy blogs regularly, is a contributor to Forbes,, and VentureBeat, and is a speaker at events like Growth Marketing Conference and Dreamforce.

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